28 Fashionable Haircuts The North Korean Government Wants You To Get

"Let us trim our hair in accordance with Socialist lifestyle!"

They take hair very seriously in North Korea.

So seriously, in fact, that the state has hair cuts they encourage their citizens to get.

Women can chose from one of these 18 fabulous hair styles.

And men can pick from these ten handsome styles.

In 2005, North Korean state TV aired a five-part series called 'Let us trim our hair in accordance with Socialist lifestyle.'

Which is important because you can't just have people walking around with long hair like this.

Or, heaven forbid, long hair like this!

But neither Kim Jong-Un or his wife Ri Sol-Ju seem to have hair styles from the suggested list.

In fact, their hair is kind of "progressive."

Especially Kim. Whoa, champ, you're clipping your sides way short.

So, I mean, if you're North Korean and you don't like any of the suggested hair styles, just wait a little bit and maybe they'll change.

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