The 24 Most Important Questions Ever Asked On Tumblr

Things that make you go hmmm.

1. What if the Oscars were like this?

2. What if condoms were like this?

3. What's up with grocery stores?

4. Why does sex have to be hard?

5. Also, what if sex were like this?

6. Why do bears get everything?

7. Why are toilets so loud?

8. How do Giraffes get down?

9. Why do Pokemon evolve?

10. Why don't hurricanes have diverse names?

11. Do you ever get the urge to catapult your body backwards with grace?

12. What if eyebrows looked differently?

13. Can we just make photos real life?

14. What's up with straight boys?

15. Do you ever look at old people wistfully and imagine the lives they led?

16. What's up with erasers?

17. Why bother with drugs?

18. Is this what boyfriends are like?

19. Why isn't Obama on this yet?

20. Is this what "the d" stands for?

21. Why do people say "no pun intended"?

22. What if this is the true nature of existence?

23. Why is Tumblr so addicting??

24. What if...wait what? I think it's time to stop posting...

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