Another Round, Episode 21: The Reverse Jackie Robinson

This week's episode marks the historic day the color barrier was broken on our podcast by the reverse Jackie Robinson of podcasting, MSNBC's Chris Hayes. We also bring back the all-knowing Stacy-Marie Ishmael for her new advice segment Stacy's Career Corner.

Happy Podcast Tuesday! Here's Drake rushing to his computer to download the newest episode of "Another Round."

This week is one that will go down in history, as we welcome our first white guest into our studio, the reverse Jackie Robinson of the podcasting world, Chris Hayes of All In With Chris Hayes!

We also proudly present the first edition of "Stacy's Career Corner," in which Stacy-Marie Ishmael from episode #17 upgrades your professional life with advice on how to ask for a raise.

Here are seven random things you can expect to hear on this week’s episode:

1. "A power move in negotiation is just being able to stop talking."

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2. "You gotta negotiate like mimosas are on the line!"

3. "That's basically what I'm hoping the obituary reads...'Here lies an interesting white person.'"

4. "10 years from now, I will be shocked if the 24-hour cable news exists."

5. "Never tweet!"

6. [On Donald Trump] "It's a little bit like they're looking for the off switch on the Frankenstein."

7. "Can men have it all??"

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This episode features music from Donwill (follow him on Twitter) and Jean Grae!

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