French People Say That Viral Video Of The "Nutella Riot" Reveals A Sad Truth About Their Country

"I see penniless parents who jumped on a €3 reduction to make the kids happy."

A viral video of shoppers "rioting" over Nutella in a French supermarket has led to headlines all over the world today.

The news stories about "riots" in France appeared after footage emerged of Intermarché customers pulling each other's hair and lashing out at one another in a rush to get hold of the hazelnut spread, which the chain had reduced from 4.50 euros ($5.59) to 1.40 euros ($1.74).

Serieux ??!! Tout ça pour du Nutella ?! 😮 #Emeute #Nutella

Pretty soon after the video came out, memes and jokes appeared on French social media.

"Promo sur le Nutella" -Intermarché/Peinture sur bois

"'Promo on Nutella' — Intermarché/painting on wood."

"C'est toi qu'a pris le dernier pot ?" #Nutella

"It was you who took the last pot?"

And some were mad at the people in the video.

Il y a pile un siècle mon grand père maternel arrivait au front pour se battre afin de récupérer l'Alsace Lorraine.…

"A century ago my maternal grandfather came to the front to fight to recover Alsace-Lorraine. A century later we are fighting in France to pick up a jar of Nutella. Poor France..."

But many were sympathetic to them — and have accused those poking fun at the people in the video of class contempt.

📢certains se moquent des émeutes Nutella effectivement c est terrible mais il faut aussi rappeler que 4 euros écono…

"Some effectively mock the Nutella riots — it's terrible but we must remember that 4 euros for some unfortunately is a lot."

It's now turned into a whole discussion about class and social divides, in a country where the richest 10% of the French population has more than a quarter of the country's income — ten times more than the poorest 10%.

"On the one hand, the richest 1% hold 2500 billion euros in assets (which mostly won't be taxable). On the other hand, riots for a 3 euro reduction on Nutella. France in 2018."

Au delà du mépris de classe autour de l'histoire du Nutella, il y a la question du pouvoir d'achat. 2 ou 3 € de réd…

"Beyond class contempt around the story of Nutella, there is the question of purchasing power. A 2 or 3 euro reduction is a lot for many families."

Hallucinant le nombre de gens, y compris de gauche, qui m'expliquent que les pauvres n'ont pas à s'acheter du Nutel…

"Amazing the number of people, including on the left, who tell me the poor need not buy Nutella but should buy essential products. Being poor, therefore, they never have the right to have fun?

Qu'est ce qui est le plus pitoyable ? se moquer de ceux qui se battent pour un pot de Nutella à 1,50 € qd toi mêm…

"What is the most pitiful? Making fun of those who are fighting for a jar of Nutella at 1.50 euros when you yourself fight for a 700 euro iPhone or a 150 euro Supreme T-Shirt?"

People said it was wrong to blame parents who were short of money, in particular.

@Pourrave Moi non plus mais j'ai grandi pauvre avec une maman qui aurait sûrement sauter sur l'occasion de ramener…

"I grew up poor with a mum who would probably jump at the chance to bring Nutella home for a change."

@MCochard_ Bien d’accord. Moi j’y vois des parents sans le sou qui ont sauté sur 3€ de réduction pour faire plaisir…

"I agree. I see penniless parents who jumped on a 3 euro reduction to make the kids happy. Let those who judge that be seen. The real shame is that they have to jump on a reduction of 3 euros."

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