Angela Merkel Took Time Out From Saving The EU To Grab Some French Fries

But, like, really really good french fries.

European Union leaders have been meeting in Belgium at a summit that could determine whether the United Kingdom actually, you know, stays a member. It's been kinda stressful, so can you blame German Chancellor Angela Merkel for popping out for a nosh?

Und Angela #Merkel nutzte eine Gipfelpause, um eine Brüsseler Frittenbude zu besuchen

During a break in the proceedings, Merkel made her way to the Maison Antoine. It's one of the most famous fritkot, as the french-fry slinging stands are known to Dutch-speaking Belgians, in the city.

Her sojourn was actually fairly fitting considering how much food was discussed today: an "English breakfast" deal announcement was bumped to an "English lunch," to a possible dinner announcement at 8 PM.

When leaders were told that dinner was delayed, and to book another night at the hotel, Merkel apparently decided to flee for the soothing embrace of fried potatoes.

French fries: for when you just can't stand to hear the word "Brexit" again without screaming.

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