Angela Merkel Took Time Out From Saving The EU To Grab Some French Fries

But, like, really really good french fries.

European Union leaders have been meeting in Belgium at a summit that could determine whether the United Kingdom actually, you know, stays a member. It's been kinda stressful, so can you blame German Chancellor Angela Merkel for popping out for a nosh?

Und Angela #Merkel nutzte eine Gipfelpause, um eine Brüsseler Frittenbude zu besuchen

During a break in the proceedings, Merkel made her way to the Maison Antoine. It's one of the most famous fritkot, as the french-fry slinging stands are known to Dutch-speaking Belgians, in the city.

Eric Vidal / Reuters

Her sojourn was actually fairly fitting considering how much food was discussed today: an "English breakfast" deal announcement was bumped to an "English lunch," to a possible dinner announcement at 8 PM.

Eric Vidal / Reuters

When leaders were told that dinner was delayed, and to book another night at the hotel, Merkel apparently decided to flee for the soothing embrace of fried potatoes.

Yves Herman / Reuters

French fries: for when you just can't stand to hear the word "Brexit" again without screaming.