You Can Now Play A Video Game That Lets You Live The Iranian Revolution

Playing as Reza, an Iranian photojournalist, the player makes choices that help determine the fate of Iran.

If you were a fan of the Carmen Sandiego series of computer games back in the day, you're going to love this. A new game called 1979 Revolution: Black Friday lets you play as Reza, an Iranian photojournalist who gets swept into the Iranian revolution.

Like the Mass Effect series, Revolution has a "choose your own adventure"-style plot, with points throughout where you select just how Reza reacts, which in turn can influence characters' behaviors and the overarching story.

But rather than holding a giant gun, Reza wields his camera in capturing the early days of the revolution in 1978, before things take a turn for the dangerous as the uprising spirals into new and unplanned territory.

Throughout the game, there are also opportunities to actually use Reza's camera to capture scenes from the revolution, like this guy covered in photographs of victims of the Shah's brutality.

The game also isn't afraid to face the darker parts of the revolution and its aftermath. In just the second chapter, you find yourself in the infamous Evin Prison in 1980, facing down a ruthless interrogator before the full story unfolds in flashback.

"I think at the heart of it, as a storyteller, I've always wanted to tell about my experience and my understanding of the Iranian revolution," Khonsari told BuzzFeed News during an interview at iNK Stories' Brooklyn office.

Historical accuracy was important to the creators, who conducted 40 interviews with people who lived through the revolution. Khonsari said many people who contributed photos and video wanted to remain anonymous for their own protection.

For those super interested in the actual history being laid out in the game, there's a "Stories" option that compares the pictures you take in-game with actual photos from the period.

1979 Revolution: Black Friday is now available for download on Steam.

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