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Yemenis Vine, Instagram, And Livetweet Two Days Of Bombardment

Yemen's citizens are capturing the Saudi-led military campaign as it happens.

Posted on March 27, 2015, at 1:59 p.m. ET

In the very early hours of Thursday, Saudi Arabia launched a military campaign to restore the Yemeni president Abd Mansour Hadi to power. Hadi had fled to Saudi Arabia the previous day in the face of rebels know as the Huthis.

Yemenis quickly began capturing the experience on social media, taking pictures and video, and tweeting about the experience.

Continues heavy air strikes and counter strikes from all around Sanaa . My god . Hell is on the door. #yemen

My house is really really close to the airport, how accurate is the technology again? #Yemen #Saudi #airstrike #Houthies #war

Sound of huge explosions in #Sanaa #Now #Yemen

Just recorded this. Sounds in Sanaa. #airstrikes #Houthis

The next morning, Yemenis went out — even as fighting continued — to take stock of the damage the first round of airstrikes had caused. As the day wore on, some tried to go about their lives amid the sounds of anti-aircraft guns.

the destroyed homes in sanaa that was targeted by Saudi/US lead war against yemen.

Talking about Yemenis' resilience, @afraa_alhbori is already storaging a home-made bread. : ) #Yemen

View this video on YouTube

Sounds of music mixes w sounds of explosions at a #Yemen-i wedding in Sanaa tonight. Lets praise the sound of life.

My home is shaking due to the airs trick now... This is crazy #Yemen

Oh God; I can hear the anti-craft system like it is next door #Yemen

But as the night wore on, the airstrikes began to intensify again.

It's scary how after I tweeted "Nothing good ever happens after 2 am" They started striking. 💣 Wtf? #Yemen

Fighting just intensified. Here's vid I shot 30min ago of Sana'a night sky of still ongoing airstrikes now #Yemen

View this video on YouTube

As Yemenis get ready for another night of bombardment, the people on the ground seek cover and prepare for what the night will bring them.

Now anti air crafts bombing sounds mixes with the Athan ( prayer calls ) over SANAA #yemen

Today's strikes just started- it is the 3rd day of Saudi-led strikes #Yemen

WTF! Can't they at least wait til streets clear of civilian traffic before launching strikes! Sana'a #Yemen

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