Venezuela's President Whipped Out An Empanada On Live TV And People Can't Believe It

Sure, people are literally starving in his country, but...empanada drawer.

Under President Nicolas Maduro, Venezuela has been undergoing a massive case of food insecurity for years now.

And in a country where Venezuelans lost an average of 19 pounds last year, Maduro himself has had no problem with skipping meals*, it seems.

So during a nationally broadcasted speech on Thursday, Maduro raised eyebrows by deciding in the middle of the dang thing that it was snack o'clock.

During a compulsory all-media broadcast, when he thought no one was looking, President Maduro opens his desk drawer…

It's not exactly clear what he's saying but the best the fine people at BuzzFeed News can make out from this clip is ""to move steadily ahead." (If you have a better idea of what he's saying, hit us up in the comments.)

Your eyes do not deceive you. That is Maduro reaching into a drawer and pulling forth an empanada.

EARLIER: #Venezuela's Maduro sneaks an empanada out of his desk during news broadcast. How many does he keep in the…

Just...a whole-ass empanada.

Venezuela's president, already mocked for gaining weight amid a hunger crisis, pulls out an empanada from his desk…

And, friends, let me tell you that when the internet saw that video, their lives were changed anew.

The empanada drawer is the new must-have for any office worker.

Those who know nothing about Maduro* are totally on-board with the idea of having savory pastries always on call.

I don’t know anything about Venezuela’s president but I too aspire to have an empanada drawer

* If you want to know more about how Maduro's family and two others run Venezuela with impunity, be sure to read this.

And those who do know what's going on...still are pro-empanadas on deck.

@fivefifths It's fucked up cause people are starving, but an empanada drawer isn't the worst idea ever

On this, all of us can agree.

Two things: A - What a total jerk. B - I want an empanada drawer.

This year, give the people in your life what they clearly want for the holidays.

@barefootboomer @circlekdc My Christmas list this year: Empanada drawer

We're still left with many questions about this whole affair though:

For more on the very real and very horrific crisis in Venezuela, be sure to click here and here.

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