This Two-Minute Look Into The Life Of A Refugee Girl Will Break Your Heart

The last two years have been rough for the girl Save the Children hopes will connect viewers to the hardships real refugees face.

A video released Monday follows the high and lows that one girl faces on her path from being forced to flee her home, to a refugee camp, to braving the deep, dark sea to reach what she can only hope is safety.

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In the video, the brainchild of international NGO Save the Children, Lily — our fictional heroine who stays in the center of the frame throughout the entirety — experiences life in a refugee camp...

...and the loss of her father. She even provides her younger brother with the toy she opened at the start of the video to help him cope.

But throughout it all, her mother is by her side, protecting her, helping her.

Until she isn't. And our heroine is forced to brave the oceanic voyage that has cost 1,357 their lives in the Mediterranean so far in 2016, according to the International Organization for Migration.

A stranger in a strange, unnamed land, she's forced to not only navigate an unforgiving world, but also to look out for her brother, mirroring the plight of real Syrian children traveling to Europe alone.

The video is a sequel to their massively viral 2014 ad "The Most Shocking Second a Day," which asked viewers to imagine what it would be like if Syria's war came to London.

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