This Stray Dog Became The Symbol Of A Protest Movement And Found A Home

Meet Spitak, or "Whitey," the dog who marched alongside Armenia's protesters for weeks.

Things were tense in Armenia for weeks as protestors flooded the streets of Yerevan, the country's capital, and the police responded with force.

As the protests grew in size and scope, at one point reaching an estimated 10-20,000 people, the police response turned at times brutal, according to Human Rights Watch.

The protests finally began to wind down after the hostage takers surrendered on July 31. But some protests still continued for days afterwards — and throughout it all, there was one loyal attendee of the protests who both sides could agree was amazing.

Say hello to Spitak, or "Whitey," a stray dog whose attendance at weeks of protests captured the hearts of the protestors and police alike.

Literally every time people gathered, there Spitak was to provide comfort and beg for pets.

As this video from Radio Free Liberty shows, he was even on the frontline on July 29 when the police broke out the stun grenades against the protestors.

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Living on the street can be tough for a dog, especially one as well-loved as Spitak. So the owners of a Facebook page devoted to Spitak began calling for funds to get him food and vaccines.

And so we end with good news! Spitak has found himself a forever home, thanks to the efforts of local group DINGO Team, which helps get dogs off the streets of Armenia.

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