This Picture Shows Just How Enormous The Refugee Crisis Still Is

Since Hungary closed its borders on Friday, nearly 20,000 people have crossed into tiny Slovenia.

This picture — showing a stream of refugees and migrants crossing through Slovenia, many on their way to Germany and other European Union countries — is a stark illustration of just how large the crisis still is within Europe.

Hungary, which for months now has been the most outspoken member state against allowing more people into the EU, on Friday sealed its border with Croatia, setting off a domino effect that has bottlenecked the region.

About 19,500 people have entered Slovenia since Friday, the country's interior minister said on Tuesday. Another 1,500 to 2,000 people will spend the night at the Serb-Croatian border, the U.N. said, many sleeping on the the blanket-covered ground.

Slovenian leaders deployed soldiers to aid police as people continued to stream through the country, walking nine miles from the border to the refugee camp being hastily set up for them.

Throughout the Balkans, leaders disagreed on which country was shouldering the majority of the burden. The EU has yet to agree on a comprehensive plan to accommodate the refugees attempting to beat the oncoming winter.

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