This Dumb And Racist Protest Caused A Panic By Pretending To Be An ISIS Attack

An anti-immigrant group staged a fake attack in Prague and it was both dumb and racist.

The Czech Republic got an unwelcome jolt on Sunday when a right-wing group dressed as members of ISIS staged a fake assault on its capital.

Members of the group drove a humvee and precisely one camel and a goat into Old Town Square in Prague, waving a black ISIS flag and generally being dicks.

The leader of the group, Martin Konvicka, is an anti-immigrant activist who from atop his camel — and wearing a fake beard — declared, "We are bringing you the light of true faith."

A spokesperson for the group told the International Business Times that the stunt was supposed to show "what is daily happening [sic] several thousand kilometers from here and is now coming even to us, in Central and Western Europe."

Whatever the point they were trying to make was, the group inspired a small panic among the crowd, with several people injured trying to flee when they fired off fake rounds.

Did we mention that they're anti-immigrant? To illustrate that point, they "attacked" a girl carrying a sign that read "Refugees Welcome"...


The group also showed other women as "hostages" during the presentation to heighten the line drawn between Muslim refugees and white women being taken captive.

All this happened, for some undoubtedly super-racist reason.

Some people in the crowd reportedly took offense to the protest, calling the performers "xenophobes."

But some people clearly thought the whole thing was a joke and could be seen taking pictures with smiles on their faces.

Thankfully the police stepped in to end the demonstration before the group had the chance to mock-execute some prisoners in orange jumpsuits.

On Facebook, Konvica — who it turns out studies bugs for an actual living — called the event a huge success, saying that until “a few Muslims started shouting aggressively and pushing toward the performers, everything was going very peacefully.”

The group had the permission of City Hall to go ahead with the demonstration, but police were less than pleased that they had to let it go on.

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