Here Are The Foreign Leaders Who Super Want Trump To Win

It's an interesting bunch.

The idea that Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump could win the White House has inspired a lot of worry amid foreign governments. But the real estate mogul isn't without his fans.

In the 13 months he's been running for president, the apparently flag-loving businessman has racked up some ~key endorsements~ from world leaders.

Like, for example, Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe's president, who according to a pair of US lawmakers is looking forward to Trump taking the White House.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un apparently penned a column — which ran on a state-run propaganda website — praising Trump.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban is also all-in for Trump, telling reporters that his immigration plans are "vital" for his country.

And, of course, there's Trump's most well-known foreign supporter, Russia's own President Vladimir Putin.

We'll keep this post updated as we head toward November.

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