A Reporter Got Called Out For Playing Pokémon Go During A State Department Briefing

You can bet he wanted to make a Rapidash out of the briefing room.

Quite possibly the most 2016 thing to happen at the State Department took place on Thursday when a spokesperson called out a reporter in the middle of the daily press briefing.

John Kirby, a retired admiral and former Pentagon spokesperson, was reading a statement on the day's meeting of the US-led anti-ISIS coalition, when suddenly...

"I'm just keeping an eye on it," the reporter answered back, as Kirby went back to reading the statement. You'd think that would be it but...

"No, the signal is not very good," the reporter replied, to which Kirby said — with his best "I'm not mad, I'm disappointed" face — "I'm sorry about that."

The State Department didn't respond to a request to name names and spill just who was attempting to catch 'em all in the middle of the briefing. But we can assume this is how they felt:

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