The U.S. War Against ISIS Finally Has A Name

Even though it was considered kind of "bleh."

The United States' top military officer has confirmed the name of the fight against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), according to CNN.

The name of the operation against ISIS is Operation Inherent Resolve, Gen. Martin Dempsey tells CNN's Kyra Phillips.

The news comes as a reversal for the Pentagon, which was recently reported to have rejected Inherent Resolve as the official name for the mission.

Earlier in October, the Wall Street Journal reported that the top brass had ruled out Inherent Resolve outright. "One senior official said Inherent Resolve was a placeholder name and never seriously considered for the overall war effort," the WSJ said.

"It is just kind of bleh," one military officer was quoted as saying.

Suggestions for alternate names haven't been hard to come by.

They ranged from the lecturing — such as Boston Globe writer H.D.S. Greenway's choice of Operation Enduring Contradiction — to the over-the-top comedic.

In an example of the latter, Stephen Colbert last week used a name generator to come up with such possibilities as Operation: Reckless Chainsaw and Operation: Turgid Panther.

The name should put to rest accusations that the delay has been political.

The latest war, some officials told the Wall Street Journal, "is one the Obama administration didn't seek or eagerly embrace."

"If you name it, you own it," said a defense official. "And they don't want to own it."

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