Syrians Are Celebrating Being Able To Smoke Again After ISIS Leaves Town

Reminder: Smoking is still bad for you.

Last week, Kurdish forces managed to seize control of the Syrian border town of Tal Abayd from ISIS.

This short video posted on YouTube on Saturday purportedly shows men from Tal Abyad overjoyed at being able to get their nicotine fix openly again now that ISIS is cleared out.

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There's just so much going on in such a short clip. There's the guy handing out cigarettes like they were candy...cigarettes.

There's this guy who is almost certainly some sort of Tobacco Wizard.

This guy is so excited that he asks for a cigarette even though he's ALREADY SMOKING ONE.

So yeah, happy times are here again in Tal Abayd.

(We feel compelled to remind our readers that smoking is very bad and will almost certainly kill you.)

H/T Conflict News

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