It Looks Like Egypt's President Rolled Out His Own Red Carpet For His NYC Visit

Sisi just really loves red carpets, you guys.

When Egypt's President Abdel Fateh el-Sisi travels, the man travels in style, no matter how costly or ridiculous it may actually be.

Like remember that time he drove on red carpet in Cairo because reasons?

In this case, Sisi was in New York this last week for the United Nations General Assembly and took some time out to meet with both parties' presidential candidates.

Just look how many people were there to greet him on the red carpet when he landed in New York!

Except...wait. An Egyptian media outlet claimed that the photo-op was staged with people who flew with Sisi.

Delegation welcomes Sisi to America despite them just having been on the same plane with him.

It was pointed out that the group was actually a set of US-based Egyptian officials, like the ambassador and others. But...that still doesn't explain who rolled out the red carpet, since it wasn't the host country.

There was no official welcoming at the airport (never for UNGA), so Sisi invented one for the camera. This is the w…

The Egyptian Mission to the United Nations didn't immediately respond to questions about just who swagged out Sisi's arrival.

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