Women Will Be Able To Drive In Saudi Arabia And Saudi Twitter Is On Fire Over It

The decision doesn't take effect until June 2018, but Saudi Twitter was immediately revved up.

The Saudi Arabian government on Tuesday announced that the kingdom would finally allow women the right to drive, granting a key wish of women's rights activists.

The decree, said to be pushed by the recently named Crown Prince Mohammed, will take effect next June rather than immediately.

King Salman decrees that a government body draw up guidelines allowing women to drive and implement the policy towards end of June.

But that didn't stop Saudi women from hopping on Twitter within minutes of the announcement to share their ~moods~.

Mood #قيادة_المرأة #الملك_ينتصر_لقيادة_المرأة

MOODDDD #قيادة_المراة_للسيارة

Their excitement is easy to understand: The ability to drive your own car is a right that women in the kingdom have been fighting to gain for decades.


Loujain al-Hathloul, a Saudi women's rights activist who was detained for driving in protest of the law, simply tweeted out "Praise be to Allah."

And Manal al-Sharif, an activist who launched a campaign of women driving in protest, tweeted: "Saudi Arabia will never be the same again. The rain begins with a single drop."

You want a statement here is one: "Saudi Arabia will never be the same again. The rain begins with a single drop" #Women2Drive ❤️

Some women, both in Saudi Arabia and overseas, began immediately daydreaming about what kind of car they'd own.

Mood #قيادة_المراه_للسيارة

#السماح_بقيادة_المرأة_للسيارة_في_السعودية My future car 😂💔

#قيادة_المرأة okay i need this car immediately + the people in it 🙂

"On the occasion of allowing women to drive, I got this car as a gift," one woman joked.

بمناسبه قياده المرأه جتني هديه سياره🤓

Some women focused on the historic nature of the decision — and what it would mean for girls growing up moving forward.

thrilled cuz ery kid that grows up here from now on will never yell "OMG ITS A LADY DRIVING" Whenever y'all go abroad #قيادة_المراه_للسياره

Others were just...thrilled.

“What’s that? You can’t wait for me to drive you? Me neither boo” Me passing by the car every morning from now on… https://t.co/DoLZdToNwn

But naturally, the feelings of celebration weren't universal.

#لسماح_للمراه_بالقياده شكلي أنا البنت الوحيده اللي ما انبسطت

"I think I'm the only girl who was not happy to hear this news," this user wrote.

Some would have preferred that something aside from driving had taken priority in the struggle for equal rights.

#لسماح_للمراه_بالقياده ليتهم فتحو مجال الوظائف ولا عدلو في انظمة الجامعات اللي عن بعد بدل السواقه هذي🌚

"I wish that they had provided opportunities for work or modified universities' rules rather than amending this law," one woman wrote.

And, of course, some men just had to be dicks about it, tweeting memes implying that women will be terrible drivers.

#قيادة_المرأة_للسيارة معليش كنت بلف سيده

"Sorry, didn't see you there!" this extremely funny and not-at-all-dumb meme reads.

Compare and contrast these two tweets:

Lol those two tweets pretty much describe the reaction of men vs. women in KSA right now. 😂 #قيادة_المرأة… https://t.co/2UL6iHoF1D

"Shit," says the man. "We became old waiting for this historic moment," tweets the woman.

Some dudes know what's up tho:

Mood 💃💃🚗🚗🚗 #الملك_ينتصر_لقيادة_المرأة #لن_تقودي #قيادة_المرأة

In summary, it's been a long time coming and women in Saudi Arabia are ready to roll, as it were.

>>دخول طايره من الفرحه وأخيراً تحقق الحلم 🎉🎈💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻 مبروووووك لنا 💗💗💗

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