Here's Dutch TV Introducing Their Country To Donald Trump In A Way He'll Understand

"We speak Dutch. It's the best language in all of Europe. We've got all the best words. All the other languages? Failed. Danish? Total disaster."

The Netherlands. Holland. The Low Country. Dutchtopia. No matter what you call it, the country is pretty great. But it's more than just tulips and windmills.

Newly sworn-in President Donald Trump hasn't said anything specific about the Netherlands one way or another. But he has a message for the world, Dutch news satire show Zondag met Lubach noted.

And it's with that in mind the show opted to introduce Trump to their small country, in a way that he'd understand:

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For once GIFs won't do the video anything close to justice, which you should watch to learn a lot! Most important: did you know they have a whole freakin' pony park?!

Also: they built a whole gosh danged ocean to keep out Mexico. AN OCEAN.

So take a look! You're sure to learn a ton about the Netherlands and that German is a totally fake language.

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