This Is A US Government-Sponsored Report On Pokémon Go

Remember Pokémon Go? This State Department advisory board does and wants to warn businesses about its dangers.

Remember the halcyon days of yore, also known as July, when literally everyone in the world and their mom was playing Pokémon Go? Ah, those were the days. But alas...the world appears to have moved on.

You know who hasn't forgotten the game, though? The State Department's Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC), that's who.

In a report posted on Monday titled "Pokémon GO...Away?", OSAC tries to inform the reader about just what the hell Pokémon Go is and how to tell a Pokémon Trainer from a Random Creep who is spying on things.

"Because the game itself is free to download, it has attracted not only a massive number of players, but a wide variety as well, making it difficult to pinpoint a specific type of player based on usual demographic data such as age or gender," the report laments.

But fear not, titans of industry, OSAC has put together some ~helpful hints~ on how to spot members of Team Rocket. By which we mean spies.

The report also teaches businesses and government agencies alike how to request that Pokéstops be removed from their premises and lists some places that have banned the game entirely.

So, many thanks to the people/intern at the State Department who compiled this VITAL KNOWLEDGE for the people at Microsoft and Boeing.

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