Iceland Won A Football Match And This Announcer Lost His Mind


For those who are unaware and/or American, there's a whole lot of soccer (or "football") going on in Europe right now.

On Wednesday, Iceland beat out Austria 2-1 to advance into the round of 16. Iceland is the tiniest country in the competition so it was a big deal for them to advance!

But nobody — including Arnor Ingvi Traustason of Iceland, who scored the winning goal in the LAST SECONDS of the match — was excited as the Icelandic announcer. this. And if you have headphones in, you probably want to turn them down a smidgen.

The Icelandic commentary for Iceland's 94th minute winning goal is incredible 😂

Here's a transcript and translation, provided by a very helpful reader with a degree in Icelandic in an email, of his frenzied screams:

3 á 2, Emmi, farðu inn á teyginn, farðu inn á teyginn, Emmi, já, já, já, já, já, já, við erum að vinna þetta, við erum komnir í 16 liða úrslit, við erum komnir í 16 liða úrslit, við erum að vinna Austurríki, röddin er farin, en það skiptir engu máli, við erum komnir áfram, Arnór Ingvi Traustason er að skora.

3 against 2, Emmi [Theodór Elmar Bjarnason] go into the box [penalty area], go into the box [penalty area], Emmi, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, we are winning, we have reached the 16 team final, we have reached the 16 team final, we are winning Austria, the voice is gone but that doesn't make a difference, we have advanced [into the next round], Arnór Ingvi Traustason scored!

If you were wondering what the announcer — Guðmundur Benediktsson, who we swear to the fjords is called Gummi Ben in Iceland — looked like as he was screaming, here you go.

Guðmundur Benediktsson. Ihr wisst schon, wer... #ISL

And people think Latin American soccer announcers have the market cornered on victory cries.

Since we don't speak Icelandic, we were just HERE FOR THE RIDE when we first saw the video.

View this video on YouTube

So congrats Iceland, both on your victory and for being the country of GUMMI BEN.

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