People Think Lindsay Lohan And Her Accent Are Being Paid By Turkey's Government

A phrase Lohan dropped twice while taking her new accent out for a spin — "the world is bigger than five" — has people in Turkey very suspicious.

OK, so by now you've probably seen this video and marveled at how Lindsay Lohan's accent dances all over the map.

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But something that went relatively under the radar is a phrase she says twice in her baffling cadence: "The world is bigger than five."

Lohan also used the phrase as a hashtag for pictures taken during her visit to Turkey in September to visit Syrian refugees, which is a thing she does now.

And here she is using it again a week ago.

So what does it mean, you ask?

Well, turns out it's a favorite phrase of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his allies, who use it to rail against the Great Powers of the world.

Lohan made her stance clear in an interview last month where she told ATV, a pro–ruling party channel, that the Security Council's structure should definitely be revised.

And in an interview last month, Lohan praised Erdogan and his handling of the coup attempt this summer, saying that the support he got really inspired her to visit.

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And in October last year, way before the coup, she posted a (now deleted) Instagram where she voiced support for Erdogan's AKP party in upcoming elections.

In order to understand your future you must know your past!👍👍🏼👍🏾👍🏿👍🏼🙏🏻🙏🏼🌹✌🏻 13 more years of Unity…

Her support for Erdogan has led some people in Turkey to wonder just what the deal is between Lohan and the government.

Lindsay Lohan Türkiye dönüşü yeni kulübünün açılışında "Dünya beşten büyüktür" diyor! Yanlış mı duydum dedim, yoo,…

"Lindsay Lohan says 'the world is bigger than five' after coming back from Turkey, at the opening of her new club. I asked myself if I heard it wrong but no, she says it twice."

Like, is she getting paid to promote this idea?

Bu çomarlar Lindsay Lohan'a "Dünya beşten büyüktür" desin diye para vermiş bile olabilirler.

"These bullies might have even given her money to have her say 'the world is bigger than five.'"

People were also skeptical of Lohan's wearing of a hijab while in Turkey, particularly because of all the praise she got from Islamists who support Erdogan.

Lindsay Lohan Türkiye'ye gelip başını örterek kazandığı paraları kim bilir nasıl da çatır çatır yiyordur şimdi...

"I wonder how Lindsay Lohan is spending all the money she made by coming to Turkey and putting on a hijab..."

So many question marks. So many.

bütün bunlar hepimizi fıttıttırmak için organize bir planın ürünü olmalı, bi lindsay lohan eksikti dertli başımızda, manyağımız az ya

"Why did they take Lindsay Lohan out of rehab and let her loose on us? Who did this and why did they do it? This must be part of a plan to make us all go crazy; as if we had a dearth of maniacs, now we have Lindsay Lohan on top them all."

: emoji thinking face :

@lindsaylohan bu da iyi sardı Türkiye'ye. Ajan falan olmasın...

"She's really into Turkey. What if she's an agent..."

Suriyeli mültecileri ziyaret eden Lindsay Lohan İnstagramdan ''Dünya 5'ten büyüktür'' diye paylaşım yaptı Reis kaç kilo makarna verdi acaba

"Lindsay Lohan, who visited Syrian refugees, shared an Instagram with the message 'The World is bigger than 5." I wonder how many kilos of pasta did Erdogan give her?"

And some people just seemed upset that Erdogan couldn't get a better celebrity to visit the country.

Sean Penn'i Bono'yu getirip onlara "dünya 5ten büyüktür" dedirtsenize. Kim takar Lindsay Lohan'ı? Popüler kültür diyorsan Rihanna var orada.

"Why don't you bring Sean Penn or Bono and have them say 'the world is bigger than 5?' Who cares about Lindsay Lohan? If you are talking about pop culture, they have Rihanna over there."

Lohan's manager did not immediately respond to a question from BuzzFeed News about whether she really is being paid by Turkey for her time and support.

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