Iran's Supreme Leader Kinda Praised Donald Trump's Debate Performance

Ayatollah Khamenei said that Trump was more outspoken than Clinton and "welcomed by people more."

If you just go by "the polls," a majority of people thought that Republican nominee Donald Trump lost all three of the presidential debates to Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

But you know who thought Trump did a pretty okay job? Iran's Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

In a speech given on Wednesday, Khamenei held up the debates as an example of his anti-US rhetoric being repeated by the people vying to lead the US themselves.

📹ببینید| رهبر انقلاب: در مناظره ریاست جمهوری آمریکا آن مردی که صریح‌تر میگفت بیشتر مورد توجه مردم قرار گرفت

The speech was delivered ahead of the 37th anniversary of the Iranian takeover of the US embassy in Iran, which is treated like something close to a holiday in the country.

He started off by asking the crowd if they'd seen the two US presidential debates, according to video posted to state-run Tasnim News' Twitter account.

What was said on stage, the Supreme Leader said, went beyond what Iran has leveled at the United States' feet and had the bonus of being said by Americans.

Khamenei also pointed out that "the one who was more outspoken" — ie Trump — was "welcomed by people more."

(That line drew a hearty chuckle from the crowd.)

Clinton, he said, accused Trump of being populist because people "were hearing his words and realized them to be true; they were seeing the same things in their own lives."

Khamenei also took to Twitter to talk more about how the US system is bad and "death to America" means "death to a system which has nothing to do with humanitarian values."

US system is far away from values of humanity, death to America means death to a system which has nothing to do with humanitarian values.

He isn't alone in agreeing with Trump on certain matters. Khamenei's top military adviser said that Trump was right that the assault on ISIS in Mosul was timed to benefit Clinton.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani though? Not a fan. He recently referred to Clinton and Trump as "bad" and "worse."

In any case, it's doubtful Trump would accept the pseudo-endorsement — the candidate has said he would tear up the deal with Iran over its nuclear program immediately and renegotiate its terms.

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