Trump's Campaign Just Won't Stop Asking The Former President Of Mexico For $25

Vicente Fox keeps getting hit up for money from the Trump campaign and he is very tired of it, thanks.

Donald Trump seems to be trying early to get Mexico to pay for that wall he keeps talking about, hitting up the country's former president three times for money in the last month.

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Vicente Fox, who left office in 2006, posted on Tuesday a screenshot of a fundraising email from the Trump campaign calling Monday night's debate "a win for the American people."

@realDonaldTrump you have no shame, I just got another e-mail begging for help. Tell me what does losing feels like…

"[Y]ou have no shame, I just got another e-mail begging for help," Fox tweeted. "Tell me what does losing feels like? Have a little dignity!"

When he says "another" that's because he also got a fundraising request on Sept. 9, reminding him that the election is 60 days away and asking for $50-$250.

@realDonaldTrump, I won't pay for that f***ing wall! Also, Campaigning in Mexico? Running out of money and friends?

"I won't pay for that f***ing wall!" Fox tweeted, referring to his now infamous response to Trump's continued insistence that he will somehow convince Mexico to pay for a giant wall on the border. "Also, Campaigning in Mexico? Running out of money and friends?"

And then on Monday, he got another email the campaign, but this time Fox claims he actually responded.

Today I received an email from @realDonaldTrump asking for money…this smells like defeat. Of course I had an answer…

"Excuse me Donald, what a stupid advertising add," the screenshot Fox tweeted reads. "Shows extreme desperation and acceptance of your defeat. Now you will pay for all your offenses and lies."

A couple of questions remain though. Foremost: How did Fox's email even get onto a Trump mailing list?

It is kind of illegal — scratch that, very illegal — to solicit campaign funds from foreign nationals. (The Trump campaign has gotten knocked for sending out fundraising emails to a bunch of people overseas actually.) You'd kind of think a former head of state of a neighboring country would count.

Second, and maybe more important, why the hell hasn't Fox just clicked "unsubscribe?"

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If you need help finding it in your Gmail, Mr. President, hit us up, we can hook you up.