People Are Commemorating Tiananmen Square Everywhere But China

Hundreds, if not thousands, of students demanding democracy were killed by the People's Liberation Army of China on June 4, 1989.

Just like every year since 1989, the anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre is marked by the government's efforts to keep mainland Chinese from talking about the incident.

But for the thousands of Chinese living beyond China's mainland borders, Beijing's censorship is no obstacle. Despite being part of China's territory since 1997, Hong Kong is the epicenter of solemn remembrance ceremonies.

Hong Kong is the only Chinese territory where commemoration of #June4 is allowed. (Pic by @wilfredchan)

Organizers said they estimate 135,000 people attended this year's Victoria Park Tiananmen vigil in #HongKong #TAM26

Hong Kong has been dealing with protests for the last year, as Beijing attempts to impose more control over the way Hong Kong residents choose their leader — hence the sash this statue is wearing.

The Goddess of Democracy recreated in HK this year bearing #OccupyHK democracy stickers.

This Hong Kong bus driver paid tribute by changing his bus' display to read "89-6-4," the date of the deadliest crackdown against the students in the square.

Facebook: OdyLeungPhotography

In Taiwan, growing ties with the mainland were no hindrance to commemoration events.

Yellow umbrellas in Taipei to remember #Tiananmen massacre 1989

Nor did Macau's relationship with Beijing prevent people from gathering in the streets.

Macau had its own small vigil

To the southeast, vigils were held in Sydney, Australia...


...And at a church outside of Auckland, New Zealand.


Wang Liming, the political cartoonist known as Rebel Pepper currently in exile in Japan, has a new piece for the massacre's 26th anniversary.


On the other side of the world, people gathered at Times Square in New York.

在纽约时代纪念六四26周年集体会上。 #freetufu #释放吴淦

And across from the United Nations, artist Xue Mingde's performance art joined demonstrators.


In Paris, Han Chinese and members of China's minority ethnic groups gathered together with Parisians from other Asian countries in Paris to protest.

#Tiananmen 25 ans #Paris chinois, ouighours, mongols, tibétains, Hong Kong, vietnam, Taïwan, fédération anarchiste

Despite censorship of images such as the famous "Tank Man" photo in China, Radio France Internationale still reported in Chinese that a Tiananmen Square commemoration took place in Stuttgart, Germany.


The BBC said protestors gathered in front of China Embassy in London. Given that even terms like "63+1" are banned on Chinese social media in the run up to the Tiananmen anniversary, and Twitter itself is blocked, it's likely this went unseen in Beijing.


But through the silence, mainland Chinese still found their own way to remember the day anyway.

#勿忘六四# 广州十七岁少年教室缅怀64,并发表演讲!为年轻点赞!

According to this Twitter user, a 17-year-old teenager wrote on the blackboard of classroom, "Remember June the 4th, don't forget the wound of the country."

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