12 Stories From Around The World That Show What Really Happened In 2016

From Mexico to Libya to Nigeria to the Philippines, it was a year of war and endurance, of tragedy and hope. BuzzFeed World was there.

1. Broken Land, February 2016

2. The Numbers Game, February 2016

3. This Is What Life Is Like When Your Daughter Is Kidnapped By Boko Haram, May 2016

4. The Fruits of Their Labors, May 2016

5. Trapped On Europe’s Doorstep, May 2016

6. Nepal Doesn’t Want You To Know It’s On The Edge Of Failure, June 2016

7. Meet North Korea’s Number One Fan In The United States, July 2016

8. Inside The World Of ISIS Investigations In Europe, August 2016

9. Why Transgender People In Japan Prefer To Be Told They Have A “Disorder”, August 2016

10. Inside the Real US Ground War On ISIS, August 2016

11. Meet Fancy Bear, The Russian Group Hacking The US Election, October 2016

12. How US Dollars Are Helping The Philippines’ Bloody Drug War, November 2016

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