An Incomplete List Of People, Places, And Things Obama Shaded In His Final UN Speech

*sips tea*

President Barack Obama on Tuesday delivered his eighth and final address to the United Nations General Assembly. In the course of doing so, he offered a strong defense of the liberal democratic order and proceeded to subtweet, shade, or blatantly call out a long, long list of Things That Are Bad in the World. Here is a selection of them:

1. Russia

2. China

3. Racists

4. Colonial powers that drew dumb maps

5. Nation states

6. Rocks and reefs in the South China Sea

7. Donald Trump

8. Haters, in general

9. Dictators

10. France

11. North Korea, by name

12. Mosquitos and the Zika virus

13. Walls

14. Extremists

15. Money in politics

16. Income inequality

17. The United Nations

18. Homophobia

19. The "mindless medieval menace" of ISIS

20. Russia, by name

21. Bullies

22. Former superpowers

23. Anti-union forces

24. Fundamentalists

25. People who argue with history

26. Myanmar

27. Saudi Arabia

28. American racists

29. Baby Boomers

30. Israel

31. Palestine

32. Countries that say no to refugees

33. Misogynists

34. Congress

35. Islamophobes

36. Fearmongers

37. Russia, yet again

38. Ebola

39. Anti-immigration sentiments

40. Nationalists

41. Human beings

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