The Dutch Foreign Minister Resigned Over Lying About A Meeting With Putin

The former official claimed for years that he had met the Russian president back in 2006 — but turns out, he never did.

This is Halbe Zijlstra. Up until earlier today, he was the foreign minister for the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

"Oh, an official lied about meeting with Russians? How old hat," you may think if you're in the US. "Attorney General Jeff Sessions and others have been getting in trouble with that for months now."

But here's the thing: Zijlstra's lie was that he DID meet with Putin, back in 2006, when it really never happened.

Thus Zijlstra bid a heartfelt farewell to Prime Minister Mark Rutte on Tuesday, whose center-right government the former top diplomat had served for just four months.

Before Zijlstra stepped down, though, Russia got in a hit via its embassy in the Netherlands, accusing the Dutch of spreading — wait for it — fake news.

Once news of Zijlstra's resignation broke, the whole "official actually leaves office after lying" thing was almost refreshing to some people in the US.

Senior government official resigns after being caught in a lie. It may not surprise you to learn this was not in th…

And some...interesting analogies quickly began to spring to mind for people.

Take note, bruh (@realDonaldTrump).

A lot of folks out there got the story essentially backward.

Do you think Putin's feelings have been hurt by the vast number of individuals who refuse to admit they met with hi…

But at least Americans don't have to worry about Secretary of State Rex Tillerson resigning like Zijlstra anytime soon: He definitely met with Putin in 2012 and there are pictures to prove it.

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