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24 Pictures And Videos Of Iranians Celebrating The Nuclear Deal

There was a whole lotta car honkin' in Tehran the night after Iran and world powers came to a historic deal.

Posted on July 14, 2015, at 3:52 p.m. ET

On Tuesday morning, Iranians woke up to find that while they were asleep, a deal had been hammered out to reduce the economic sanctions on their country in exchange for Iran curbing its nuclear program.

Iran's president, Hassan Rouhani, arrives for an address to the nation.
Ebrahim Noroozi / AP

Iran's president, Hassan Rouhani, arrives for an address to the nation.

1. After years of living with the results of an oil embargo, Iranians were naturally thrilled to learn that relief was coming eventually (in exchange for allowing inspectors to examine Iran's nuclear sites and other concessions).

2. But during daylight hours the celebrations were rather low-key. Which is, you know, understandable — it is still a weekday and it's still Ramadan so the urge to be merry when you haven't eaten all day is diminished.

That's my sister with the peace signs. #IranWinsPeace #IranDeal #HappyDealDay

3. But slowly, Iranians began to trickle out into the streets...

No outpouring of joy in #Tehran streets yet but these funky kids started #jamming 2 growing audience #Iran #IranDeal

4. ...and the crowd began to grow...

گزارش تصویری #جشن و #شادی مردم از #توافق #ونک #ولیعصر #IranTalks #مذاکرات

5. ...until finally things reached a critical mass, and the revelers began to — to use a piece of American slang — get turnt.


Bit of a jig. Just because. #IranDeal #tehran


8. One of the initial focal points for gathering was Tehran's Vanak Square, where police watched calmly as hundreds of Iranians began to celebrate.

Hundreds of people have gathered at Vanak square. One man says: "have you ever seen that? The police is helping us."


People celebrating #IranDeal, police at the scene calmly


security forces very gently trying to distance crowds from traffic - crowds chant "security forces thank you!"

11. And lo, there was much honking of horns...


Iranian people began their #celebrations. #IranWinsPeace #جشن #هسته اي


14. ...and singing of songs...

هم‌اکنون، میدان ولیعصر

15. ...and...whatever it is that's happening here.

بمب انرژی در میدان ونک #مینو

As of around 10 p.m. Tehran time, though, the whole city wasn't exactly out celebrating.

Okay it doesn't seem as if the whole of Tehran is out, most neighborhoods and parks quiet, people tell me from across town.

Not much happening in the streets of Tehran. Perhaps too many false starts! A classic case of wait and see if change is for real #IranDeal

16. Just how much celebration was taking place on the streets was based on where in Tehran you were located.

Parkway is packed, Vanak and Tajrish busy too - hearing Enghelab and downtown much less so #IranDeal #socialgeography

17. Those who were out, however, mostly seemed content, based on their photographs, enjoying the atmosphere on a historic night.

میدو #ونک. #جشن #هسته ای






Ppl gathering in Tehran celebrating the nuclear deal #IranDeal in small and big groups. so much enthusiasm #IranTalks


کیهان! اسرائیل! تسلیت تسلیت! #ونک


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