19 Heartbreaking Pictures That Will Make World Refugee Day Hit Home

More people than ever are trying to make it through life uprooted from their homes, according to the United Nations.

1. June 20 marks World Refugee Day and this year more people than ever have been forced to flee their homes.

2. One in every 113 people on the planet, according to the United Nations, is currently either a refugee, asylum seeker, or internally displaced within their own country.

3. In total that's over 65 million people who are uprooted, trying to find a way to make their way through life without a permanent home.

4. Though the focus of recent news coverage has been on the unprecedented surge of refugees into Europe, their individual stories vary wildly.

5. For some it's trying to escape the horrors of war they face in their country...

6. ...while for others it's a matter of trying to escape persecution.

7. Some make the voyage into the unknown alone...

8. ...others make the trip with their children in tow.

9. According to the United Nations High Commission for Refugees, some 41% of the world's refugees are children.

10. But whether alone or with others, so many find themselves relying on strangers along the way.

11. Refugees aren't regulated to one corner of the world, one ethnicity, one skin color.

12. They come from Ukraine...

13. ...from South Sudan...

14. ...from Myanmar...

15. ...and from Syria.

16. They find themselves in makeshift camps that struggle to hold them all and constantly live with the risk of eventually being evicted even from these sanctuaries.

17. They risk everything to cross the Mediterranean, despite the fact that some 2,859 people this year alone have already lost their lives or gone missing trying to make the journey, according to the International Organization for Migration.

18. They face fences — both real and rhetorical — being raised to keep them out.

19. And if their lives weren't already hard enough, the explosive growth in the number of refugees has completely overwhelmed the global donor system. Only 24% of the world's humanitarian response needs for 2016 have been funded.

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