The Homeland Security Chief Will Tour The Southern Border With First Ladies From Central America

The visit comes as the administration deals with record levels of Central American families crossing the border.

Foreign dignitaries from the Northern Triangle countries, including the first ladies of Guatemala and Honduras, will tour the southwest border alongside acting Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan on Thursday, according to sources with knowledge of the visit.

The visit comes as the Trump administration continues to highlight the record numbers of Central American families crossing the border without authorization every month.

The Trump administration has repeatedly pushed the Northern Triangle, which includes Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras, to do more to curb the migrants who travel north to the US. President Donald Trump tweeted earlier this week that Guatemala was on the verge of accepting a deal that would force people who travel from Honduras and El Salvador to seek asylum in Guatemala rather than the US.

Patricia Marroquín Argueta de Morales, the first lady of Guatemala, and Ana García Carías, the first lady of Honduras, alongside foreign ministers and secretaries from both countries, will tour the McAllen, Texas, border region, including the Anzalduas International Bridge and Border Patrol’s central processing center. The group will be briefed on the US government's attempts to stop child trafficking and increase border security.

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