15 Fun Activities That Let Kids Get Crafty Without Destroying Your House

These activities will entertain your kids but also clean up quick.

In winter with lots of time inside to kill, your kids might be hungry for indoor activities. And although projects like baking cookies or doing science experiments are fun, they can also be time-consuming, requiring a variety of materials, complicated set-up, careful adult supervision throughout the activity and, of course, lengthy clean-up.

For single parents, working families or anyone with less energy when it’s cold out, winter can be a daunting time to keep little ones occupied and the house some flavor of “clean.” So to help you fill up time this winter without needing even more energy after the activity is done, we’ve rounded up the best no-mess creative kids’ kits and games.

Every item listed comes with all the supplies you’ll need and along with a glowing review from a busy parent about its low-maintenance, easy clean-up status. These are activities your little one can likely do independently, so you don’t have to constantly help with cutting or gluing. (Unless otherwise noted, each craft is suitable for kids ages three and up.) Best of all, none of these materials will end up on your walls or carpets.  

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Rainbow scratch paper

A spill-proof paint set

An invisible watercolor painting set

A reusable doodle book

A burlap kid's sewing kit

A dry erase table with four chairs

A foam make-your-own-purse kit

A wooden beading kit

A lace-up shape set

Magnetic Picasso tiles

A two-sided reusable drawing board

A sticker coloring book

An old school pot holder loom

Mess-free markers

Air-dry clay

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