Wired Earbuds And Headphones You Don’t Need To Remember To Charge

You won’t have to stress about battery life with these listening options from Apple, Sony and more.

A few of the highest rated wired headphones on Amazon.

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It’s a familiar scene: You’re riding the train, sitting in a waiting room or about to join a mandatory Zoom training when you realize that your spiffy wireless earbuds are totally out of juice.

Sure, you enjoy the ease of going hands-free and not being literally tied down. But as the baby next to starts wailing or your boss asks why there’s so much background noise, you think it’s probably time to get yourself a spare pair of headphones with a wire. You need a listening device that doesn’t need to be charged, ever. And you came to the right place.

To help you keep the music and podcasts going and to never again be called out in the group meeting, we’ve rounded up the highest-rated wired headphones for all your listening and calling needs. We included a selection of over-ear headphones and in-ear buds because we know that everyone has their own tastes. We even found some beloved pairs for kiddos, so you never need to listen to old episodes of “Paw Patrol” again.

Whether you generally prefer wired headphones or are just looking for a backup pair to keep in your bag when your wireless ones are dead as a doornail, we hope you find the wired device of your dreams, with no strings attached (except the actual cord itself).

1. Sony wired on-ear headphones

These Sony over-ear headphones have a mic and no-mic option

Score: 4.5 stars and 96,600 ratings

These Sony over-ear headphones have a mic and no-mic option, letting you find the perfect pair for your lifestyle. The swiveling ear cups are ideal for packing and traveling and the puffed muffs will be comfy on your ears for hours of returning emails.

Promising review: "I love Sony for the reliable products they make. This is no exception. The headphones are comfortable and cover the entire ear instead of just sitting on the ear which I find to be incredibly annoying and uncomfortable after long use sessions. These are corded so be advised they are not Bluetooth or wireless. I needed corded headphones which seem to be difficult to find nowadays, but these are a really good find. Sony quality all the way! Love them. Good bass and high trebles, clear and crisp audio. I recommend them." — Captain HC

You can buy the Sony headphone without a mic from Amazon for around $10 or one with a mic for around $19.

2. OneOdio wired over ear headphones

OneOdio headphone gets high marks for sound quality.

Score: 4.5 stars and 37,855 ratings

You don't have to be an audio engineer to like these studio monitor headphones, but the sound quality on these babies will have you talking about "production value." The big pads provide comfort and noise isolation and the universal aux plug works with many devices without an additional adaptor.

Promising review: "These headphones deliver the same high performance audio that's heard in movie theaters, in my opinion. The excellent sound quality was surprising from the get go, and I agree with reviewers who say this product gives the same value for the buck that others have but cost hundreds of dollars. Very pleased." — Senior Hip Hobbler

You can buy the OneOdio headphone from Amazon for around $26.

3. iClever kids headphones

This iClever headphone is designed for kids and has an option to limit the sound level, protecting little ears.

Score: 4.6 stars and 6,795 ratings

A must for remote school or minimizing the noises a tablet makes, these over-ear kids headphones have an option to limit the sound level, protecting little ears. They have a built-in microphone and ultra-soft muffs that are comfortable for long car rides. These come in seven colors.

Promising review: "These headphones are the first EVER to last an entire school year. I got the pink for my 8 and 9 year-old and the blue for my son who is 7. I got them last year August as school supplies. Today ordering supplies for the new year guess what? Sending the same 3 sets of headphones back to school because they look brand new, the cord didn’t tangle or fray, still work, not loose, still soft ear padding not cracked. I’m amazed. My kiddos are tough on things. Worth the money and more." — K Ohana Hawaii

You can buy the iClever kids headphone from Amazon for around $10.

4. Beats EP wired on-ear headphones

This Beats wired headphone is designed for music lovers

Score: 4.5 stars and 9,676 ratings

Durable, lightweight and made for music lovers, these Beats over-ear headphones will be your new daily favorite. Talk on the phone and stop and start music with the microphone in the RemoteTalk cable.

Promising review: "I bought these for my husband for Christmas. He wanted them wired so he didn't have to remember to charge them. He wears them constantly, and the noise cancellation is almost too good! Sound quality is also amazing. They adjust to fit your head/ears properly." — htossam

You can buy the Beats wired headphone from Amazon for around $100.

5. Apple wired earpods with lightning connector

A classic Apple earbuds that comes with a lightning connector

Score: 4.6 stars and 182,920 ratings

Ah, the classic Apple earbuds, now with the lightning connector so you don't even need a dongle (see final slide) to use them with an iPhone. Answer calls, play and pause music and speak to Siri with the built-in microphone and remote.

Promising review: "My 14-year-old daughter wanted these and I asked her if she liked them and she said she loves them. She doesn’t have to wait for them to charge lol. She asked me weeks ago to buy these but when she said 'Apple EarPods' I was expecting it to be in the hundreds so I kept telling her when I have extra money. Well that day came and we sat together and when I saw the price was not even $20 I told her I would have got these for you weeks ago if you would have told me they were cheap. But besides that it’s a great product and a very great price!" — Brittney

You can buy the Apple wired earbuds from Amazon for around $18.

6. Apple wired earpods with aux connector

A classic iPhone earbuds that comes with a universal headphone jack

Score: 4.6 stars and 59,081 ratings

A classic with the ease of a universal headphone jack, what's better than that? The built-in remote lets you adjust the volume, playback music and videos and pick up the call, without even touching your phone.

Promising review: "No battery to charge, not another thing to plug in at night! Sounds the same for a huge savings! Let’s face reality nothing sounds better than the old days with cds! Streaming u loose a bit, u loose a little more via Bluetooth. of course sounds good but not like the old days! But at least I don’t have to worry about battery on these things! Might out last any Bluetooth EarPods ever! No battery degradation no loosing my left or right airpod or spending another hundred on another pair! Tons of benefits! Can go on but I think u get it!" — cesar rocha

You can buy the Apple earpods from Amazon for around $18.

7, Skullcandy Ink'd+ earbuds

Skulcandy earbuds with a noise-isolating fit

Score: 4.5 stars and 19,073 ratings

These Skullcandy in-ear buds have a noise-isolating fit that will let you listen to your music or podcast in peace while on the go. They have a built-in microphone and call and track control, so you can gab with friends or replay your favorite song with ease. These come in 10 colors.

Promising review: "Best bang for the buck earbuds out there! Just purchased a second set. I've had the other set for s few months now and they're durable, comfortable (can wear them for long periods without discomfort or pain), form fitting (even for my large man ears), good insulation even with the little silicone pods, and they produce a nice warm sound. I use these primarily for podcasts or watching movies on my tablet when my kids/wife are asleep and I don't want to bug anyone. Sure there are a hundred better sounding earbuds/cans out there for audiophile level music, but if you jut want something comfy and compact that you don't have to remember to charge every day, these are it, hands down. You're welcome." — Amazon customer

You can buy the Skullcandy earbuds from Amazon for around $12.

8. JBL Endurance wired sport in-ear headphones

Score: 4.5 stars and 11,531 ratings

With a flipbook two-way design, these babies can be worn both in-ear and behind the ear. They're sweatproof and intended for workout sessions and time in the gym. The one-button microphone lets you call hands free and they come in five colors to fit your style.

Promising review: "Great sound, good price, the fit is great and they stay in your ears even while doing physical manual labor. Was a little apprehensive about them but thought I’d take a flyer based on previous experience with JBL and I was pleasantly surprised so I bought more. Would definitely recommend!" — Amazon customer

You can buy the JBL earphones from Amazon for around $20.

9. Apple lightning-to-headphone connector

An Apple lightning-to-headphone connector

Score: 4.7 stars and 204,019 ratings

If you've purchased any new Apple products and like using wired headphones, you're going to want a couple of these. Call them dongles or jacks, they'll make your favorite aux-connector headphones compatible with the lighting port on iPads and newer iPhones.

Promising review: "Sometimes Bluetooth is such a pain, and no matter what sometimes I just can't connect. I have about 5 of these things, and they are a life saver. Our phones are later models, and I still like to be able to plug the phone into a speaker instead of using Bluetooth." — A. Walls

You can buy the Apple lightning headphone connector from Amazon for around $8.

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