These Images Of People Looting A Sugar Truck Are Insane

Some Venezuelans were filmed stooping to pick up the grains of sugar that had been left behind.

Desperate Venezuelans overran and ransacked a truck on Thursday, in a mad scramble to grab the vehicle's load. The precious cargo it was shipping? Sugar.

Saquean gandola de azúcar en plena Avenida Fuerzas Armadas. En este país, mi país, tu país. 💔

According to local media, the truck was near the downtown area of Caracas, the country's capital, when a mob approached to grab what they could.

#Video Así está la situación en la av. Fuerzas Armadas, a la altura de La Hoyada, luego de saqueo a camión de azúca…

Venezuelan newspaper El Universal claims that the National Guard has arrested five suspects identified as taking part in the heist.

Twitter immediately lit up with people sending around pictures of the rush.

Saquean camión con azúcar en La Hoyada #Caracas, Patria Querida #Najada, eso es lo que les gusta al régimen que rob…

Terminan de saquear restos de carga de azúcar que llevaba un camión en La Hoyada.

More disturbing than the actual swarming of the truck was the aftermath, when some people threw themselves to the ground to pick up the sugar that fell from the bags.

#AHORA: En La Hoyada recogen del suelo el azúcar tras saqueo de gandola en la Av. Fuerzas Armadas. Autoridades en e…

An ongoing economic collapse has left Venezuela in the midst of widespread shortages of food, medicine, and household goods.

Federico Parra / AFP / Getty Images

Members of Venezuela's opposition have been trying for months now to force a recall of President Nicolas Maduro, taking to the streets by the thousands last month to call for him to step down.