You Can Rate D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray On His Facebook Page Like On Yelp

Averaging 2.5 stars. An odd Facebook feature!

On the ballot Tuesday, Washington, D.C., Mayor Vincent Gray just voted for his reelection. On his Facebook page, D.C. residents can also rate Gray's performance — and people do. Based on 109 ratings, the mayor is pulling down two-and-a-half stars. People also have some thoughts on how a variety of things are going.

1. Some did not like that he vetoed a living wage bill last year.

2. Others were just disappointed.

3. Some people appeared to be pretty upset they couldn't watch the 2 Million Biker ride last September (among other things, an event meant to counter the Million American March Against Fear, a Muslim event).

4. Some constituents just wanted to share their appreciation!

5. And still others seemed to have gotten the rating system confused?

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