This Video Of People Uniting To Toss A Hat Up A Building Is Equal Parts Suspenseful And Inspiring

Hats off, folks...hats off.

If you didn't hear, the Houston Astros won the World Series.

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Yes, we're aware that calling a tournament featuring only North American baseball teams the "World Series" is a bit of a misnomer, but this is neither the time nor the place for that argument.

It was a pretty big deal for Houston, considering 1) the Astros have never won the World Series before and 2) the city has been through quite a bit in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.

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So to celebrate, they had a big parade!

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And it was at this parade on Friday in downtown Houston that the following amazing video was captured.

Watching people return this dropped hat at the parade today was unreasonably thrilling

In the frenzy and the fanfare, someone on an upper tier of a massive parking garage dropped their hat to the throngs below. But! In a moment of triumph and teamwork, the crowd began tossing the hat BACK UP THE BUILDING!

Twitter: @JoshPherigo

"Not today, Gravity, you surly son of a bitch," the crowd seemed to collectively and defiantly decree.

The magical moment was recorded by Houston resident Josh Pherigo, whose original tweet has gone viral as all heck.

Twitter: @JoshPherigo

"We noticed a hat fall from near the top of the parking structure," says Pherigo, who told BuzzFeed News he and his wife were still waiting for the parade to pass when the fascinating fascinator fellowship unfolded.

"I remember thinking, 'well, that's a goner.' But then people started tossing it back up. And pretty soon it turned into this coordinated effort. People on the lower floors realized what was happening and sort of marshalled this effort to return the hat by communicating up what was going on."

The video is a mini-cinematic masterpiece. It's got thrills, chills, and OH CRAP THEY ALMOST DROPPED IT!

Twitter: @JoshPherigo

Someone please stop this emotional rollercoaster before my poor heart gives out!

"Everyone was extremely happy," says Pherigo of the vibe that day. "People were throwing confetti, little kids up on shoulders, high fives all around. This city has been through tough times lately, and you got the sense that people were glad to have a thing to collectively celebrate."

The enthusiasm and goodwill in the video is palpable as OH CRAP THEY ALMOST DROPPED IT AGAIN!

"The feedback from this video has been overwhelming," says Pherigo. "This seems to have brought a lot of people some needed joy, and that makes me really happy. There's a lot of negativity in the world and it's nice to remember from time to time that there's a lot of good out there, too."

@JoshPherigo @runawaykiwi This made me cry??? So I think I should go to bed.

@JoshPherigo @catingrams The collective human spirit always lifts the individual human soul ...

@JoshPherigo @StephenMangan Why does that make me feel happy? Teamwork, cooperation, helping.

Hail Mary hat toss hallelujah and amen!