This Guy Recovered Like A Goddamned Champ After His Pants Fell Down In Front Of The President

A goddamned pantsless Passion Play.

The man pictured below with his pants around his ankles is Ivan Zvonimir Cicak, the head of the Croatian Helsinki Committee. He is the leading human rights official in Croatia. He is having a bad day.

He is standing next to the president of Croatia, his boss. He is taking a group photo with coworkers. He is losing a battle with gravity. He is now without trousers. He is exposed, laid bare to the world. He is all of us when we have been at our lowest.

But does he despair at his nude-kneed nadir? No. He does what heroes do when the universe in its cruel capriciousness strips us of our khakis. He bends goddamned over, he picks up his goddamned pants, and he pulls them up one goddamned leg at a time.

So here's to Ivan Zvonimir Cicak, a man who refused to give in to depantsed desolation. A man whose pants and pride rose Phoenix-like from the ashes of his ankles. We goddamned salute you.