These Photos Of Massive Molten Spark Showers In China Are Really, Really Neat

A blacksmith in China made a very dangerous, very beautiful light show to celebrate the Lunar New Year.

A blacksmith in China produced a very dangerous and very pretty light show for a Lunar New Year celebration on Thursday.

It's traditional to recognize the Chinese New Year with fireworks, but this guy in the town of Nuanquan apparently decided gunpowder and explosions weren't metal enough. Literally.

These photos capture the moment he hurls MOLTEN IRON at a cold concrete wall. That's metal as hell, bro.

He's basically tossing around lava that's 2,372 degrees Fahrenheit.

It's so metal that it will really, actually melt your face. Take that, Yngwie Malmsteen.

As the molten, blindingly hot goo hits the cold surface of the concrete, it creates a shower of sparks.

And it's mesmerizing.

He's hurling fire like some sort of angry god.

Here he is at his forge, like Hephaestus of old!

But no, this is very pretty.

Happy New Year, kids! Don't do this at home!