So This Is What It Looks Like When You Get A Chainsaw Stuck In Your Neck

Here's an x-ray of a guy from Pennsylvania that nearly decapitated himself in a tree-trimming accident, but amazingly survived.

This is James Valentine.

This is James Valentine with a chainsaw lodged in his neck.

James works for a tree service and was attempting some trimming in Ross Township, Pa. on Monday, but his chainsaw kicked back and BURIED ITSELF IN HIS FREAKING NECK.

“I felt it and shut the saw off. It was in me and still running,” said a miraculously-still-alive Valentine.

"He was impaled there when we found him," said EMS first responder Greg Porter. "He never lost consciousness, which is amazing when you think about it."

Crews disassembled the engine to the chainsaw, but had to leave the blade and chain within Valentine to prevent him from bleeding out as they transported him to the hospital.

Doctors and paramedics say that if the chainsaw had gone just in inch or two in either direction, it might have been a very different outcome. “In his case, blessedly, he missed every important structure,” said Valentine's surgeon, Dr. Christine Toevs.

"Could've been a lot worse, definitely," said a recovering Valentine. "Somebody was looking over me for sure."

James Valentine survives chainsaw in neck #wpxi

Lisa Sylvester@LisaSylvester

James Valentine survives chainsaw in neck #wpxi

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Just a reminder that, no matter how bad your day is, THIS MAN HAD A CHAINSAW BURIED IN HIS FREAKING NECK.