Haunting Photos Of JFK Assassination Landmarks, Then And Now

To mark the 50th anniversary of the death of President John F. Kennedy, photographers revisited locations immortalized by the events of November 22nd, 1963.

Lee Harvey Oswald's Residence At 214 West Neely Street In Dallas, Texas

Behind The West Neely House Where Oswald Took This Infamous Photo

Love Field Airport In Dallas, Where Kennedy Disembarked For The Last Time

Kennedy's Motorcade Winds Through Fort Worth, Texas Before Making The Fateful Trip To Dallas

The Texas Book Depository In Dealy Plaza, Where Oswald Set Up His Sniper's Nest On The 6th Floor

Shots Are Fired In Dealey Plaza, Civilians Take Cover

Another Angle Of Dealey Plaza In The Moments After The Assassination Attempt

Secret Service Agent Clint Hill Climbs The Back Of The Presidential Limousine After Kennedy Has Been Hit

Police And Detectives Guard The Entrance Of The Book Depository After The Shooting

The Presidential Limousine In Front Of Parkland Memorial Hospital, Where Kennedy Was Pronounced Dead

The Street Corner Where, As He Was Evading Police Following The Death Of Kennedy, Oswald Shot And Killed Officer J.D. Tippet

Another Angle Of Where Tippet Was Shot

Outside The Texas Movie Theatre, Where Lee Harvey Oswald Sought Refuge After Killing Tippet

Inside The Texas Theatre, An Officer Points At The Seat Where Oswald Was Hiding

An Events Coordinator At The Texas Theatre Recreates The Famous Photo

The Corridor In The Dallas Police Headquarters Where Jack Ruby Shot Lee Harvey Oswald

Pennsylvania Avenue In Washington D.C., The Funeral Procession For President Kennedy

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