Google Unveiled A New Logo, Humanity Continued To Fear Change

There's a new serif in town.

So Google on Tuesday morning whipped out a new logo, and they did it in typical, adorable doodle fashion at

So this:

Is now this:

While swapping the font to sans serif and drunkenly canting the "e" isn't exactly a tectonic shift, people were still quick to lambaste the change with a conflagration of hot takes.

The new #Google logo and the three designs that almost made the cut.

Okay, my first thought when I saw the new Google logo...

At 17 years old, shouldn’t the Google logo be going through a goth phase or something?

I'm not sure how I feel about the new #GoogleLogo. It sort of makes me feel like I'm looking at a browser in an elementary school classroom.

The trend of ultra-sanitized corporate machinery squashing out every atom of creativity. First #Ebay now #GoogleLogo

So happy about the new Google logo. The old one invaded my privacy and shared my info with the NSA. Wait, this doesn't change that?

The march of progress, ladies and gentlemen!