12 Majestic, Badass Photos Of Eagles Vs. Drones

'MURICA! Oh, wait...this is in France?

1. Did you know that France is training eagles to fight drones? Because they are and it's really cool and it's something about which you should know.

2. Taking a page from America's awesomely patriotic playbook, the French military is harnessing the power of screamin' eagles to do battle with the Rooskies.

3. Amid rising tensions between Europe and Russia, Reuters reports that France is taking a number of counter-surveillance measures against alleged Russian snooping...


5. The eagle has landed...ON YOUR DUMB DRONE ASS.

6. The eagles even have sweet Three Musketeers names.

7. These golden eagles aren't a Peter Jackson CGI mirage, they're nature's very own raptors of righteousness.

8. More like birds of SLAY.

9. And now let us pause to admire how aesthetically beautiful are these noble sentries of the sky.

10. Okay, back to big ass talons shredding up some goddamned robots!

11. Way to out-America America, France!

12. Eagles of death metal, indeed.

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