This Is What Millennials' Bedrooms Look Like Around The World

Take an eye-opening journey around the globe to see where millennials rest their heads.

Over a period of six years, French filmmaker and photographer John Thackwray has traveled across 55 countries to capture the living spaces of millennials from all over the globe.

After photographing the rooms of over 1,200 young people, John has compiled his favorites into an upcoming book titled My Room: Portrait of a Generation, due out this winter.

John told BuzzFeed: "The world is changing so fast, and I feel it’s important to document the lifestyle of my generation, not only at home, but across the globe. I hope that through these photos, people will become a little more conscious about the world surrounding us."

1. Bucharest, Romania — Andreea, 24 years old, civil engineer

2. Paris — Joseph, 30 years old, artist

3. Istanbul — Gullé, 29 years old, actor

4. Los Angeles — Tosha, 26 years old, go-go dancer

5. Echo Manyata, Kenya — Ezekiel, 22 years old, warrior

6. Novosibirsk, Russia — Oleg, 24 years old, telecom engineer

7. Kigali, Rwanda — Josee, 22 years old, accounting student

8. Rio de Janeiro — Claudio, 24 years old, archivist

9. Ban Saingam, Thailand — Fha, 20 years old, farmer

10. New York — Maleeq, 28 years old, entertainer

11. La Paz, Bolivia — Marcello, 18 years old, high school student

12. Tokyo — Ryoko, 25 years old, IT engineer

13. Saint Catherine, Egypt — Mohamed, 18 years old, student of traditional healing

14. Tehran — Élahé, 29 years old, painter

15. Ha Selomo, Lesotho — Osia, 18 years old, shepherd

16. Dali, China — Yuan, 22 years old, vendor

17. Bamansemilya, India — Asha, 17 years old, homemaker

18. Katmandu, Nepal — Pema, 22 years old, Buddhism student

19. Zhanbyl, Kazakhstan — Zhalay, 18 years old, high school student

To see more of John's work, check out his website at here. And to preorder your copy of My Room: Portrait of a Generation visit

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