These Photos Show The Intense Passion Of True K-Pop Fans

A true celebration of “All Things Hallyu!”

Since 2012, KCON has heralded itself as a celebration of “All Things Hallyu,” a term that refers to the undeniable cultural “Korean wave” that has swept the globe in recent years. With K-pop groups like BTS dominating the music charts and an increased interest in Korean beauty, food, television, and film, KCON has since become a mecca for those passionate about, and perhaps even a little obsessed with, Korean culture.

Photographer Andrew Cullen was one of the 103,000 people in attendance at this year’s KCON at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, documenting the four-day event as people from all walks of life danced to elaborate K-pop “choreos,” dined on Korean and Pan-Asian foods, and shared in their mutual love of their favorite K-pop “idols.” While BTS was not on this year’s bill, superfans were able to catch a glimpse of their favorite “idols” in other popular K-pop groups, such as Stray Kids, Loona, Ateez, Momoland, and Seventeen.

These pictures capture the sights and scenes of 2019’s KCON in Los Angeles.

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