21 Summer Fails From History That Are Better Left In The Past

Still wondering how we haven't gone extinct yet...

1. Competitive sea turtle racing, 1925:

2. Some casual target practice, 1964:

3. Enjoying the company of super-futuristic beach robots, 1934:

4. Cruising with your backpack boat propeller, circa 1940:

5. Riding a giant, human-sized bottle rocket, 1939.

6. Enjoying the fun new beach toys on the market, 1929:

7. Alligator wrestling, 1939:

8. If wrestling's not your thing, there are always alligator races, 1965:

9. And water jousting, 1907:

10. The hope of discovering your own secret beach, 1944:

11. Trying out Salvador Dalí's surreal tanning method, 1955:

12. Teaching your children to swim with a fishing rod, 1926:

13. Using a rope contraption to give infants swimming lessons, 1910:

14. No water necessary for swim lessons in 1923:

15. Enjoying the company of furry friends by the pool, 1966:

16. Taking a spin on an aquatic baby grand piano, 1962.

17. Sporting the latest trends in beach fashion, 1925:

18. Like aquatic stockings and heels, circa 1915:

19. And anti-tanning masks, circa 1950:

21. Just make sure your swimsuit isn't too revealing...

21. ...because you're likely to attract unwanted attention.

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