19 Pictures That Prove The Super Bowl Is Pure Anarchy

There's no creature more extreme than a football fan whose team is going to the Super Bowl.

This life-size Troll at Super Bowl 50 who apparently thinks the mascot for the Broncos is a small mouse.

Streeter Lecka / Getty Images

Here's one incredible acrobatic feat after the Seahawks victory at Super Bowl 48.

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These two guys who couldn't contain their excitement for the Broncos victory at Super Bowl 33, so they literally jumped into a bonfire.

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All that winning at Super Bowl 48 can parch even the strongest of Seahawks fans.

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Here's an unfortunate sighting during primetime at Super Bowl 38.

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And here's a permanent reminder of who this guy is rooting for at Super Bowl 49.

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When you gotta go, you gotta go. Just ask this Eagles fan after Super Bowl 52.

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Here's a group who are taking their team spirit to some dark, dark places at Super Bowl 37.

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And this picture from Super Bowl 52 proves football has always been morbid AF.

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The most extreme lines in the world are outside a Super Bowl game, like this one from Super Bowl 38.

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Nobody is exactly sure what team this woman is rooting for at Super Bowl 46.

Chris Trotman / Getty Images

Here's what happens when New England fans let all their Super Bowl rings go to their head.

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This picture from Super Bowl 48 illustrates the time-honored tradition of burning a pile of trash in support of your home team.

Jason Redmond / Reuters

Speaking of piles of trash, here's the scene after the Super Bowl 52 victory parade in 2018.

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These fans from Super Bowl 48 are way too hyped to let a few riot police officers ruin their fun.

David Ryder / Getty Images

Super Bowl 22 in 1988 was no exception to that either!

Paul Souders / Getty Images

Or Super Bowl 46 in 2012, for that matter...

Kena Betancur / Reuters

But there are times when celebrating can get a bit out of hand, like in Boston after the Patriots won Super Bowl 38.

Jim Bourg

But take it from these Broncos fans after Super Bowl 50 — it's always better to go with the flow!

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