19 Pictures That Prove The Super Bowl Is Pure Anarchy

There's no creature more extreme than a football fan whose team is going to the Super Bowl.

This life-size Troll at Super Bowl 50 who apparently thinks the mascot for the Broncos is a small mouse.

Here's one incredible acrobatic feat after the Seahawks victory at Super Bowl 48.

These two guys who couldn't contain their excitement for the Broncos victory at Super Bowl 33, so they literally jumped into a bonfire.

All that winning at Super Bowl 48 can parch even the strongest of Seahawks fans.

Here's an unfortunate sighting during primetime at Super Bowl 38.

And here's a permanent reminder of who this guy is rooting for at Super Bowl 49.

When you gotta go, you gotta go. Just ask this Eagles fan after Super Bowl 52.

Here's a group who are taking their team spirit to some dark, dark places at Super Bowl 37.

And this picture from Super Bowl 52 proves football has always been morbid AF.

The most extreme lines in the world are outside a Super Bowl game, like this one from Super Bowl 38.

Nobody is exactly sure what team this woman is rooting for at Super Bowl 46.

Here's what happens when New England fans let all their Super Bowl rings go to their head.

This picture from Super Bowl 48 illustrates the time-honored tradition of burning a pile of trash in support of your home team.

Speaking of piles of trash, here's the scene after the Super Bowl 52 victory parade in 2018.

These fans from Super Bowl 48 are way too hyped to let a few riot police officers ruin their fun.

Super Bowl 22 in 1988 was no exception to that either!

Or Super Bowl 46 in 2012, for that matter...

But there are times when celebrating can get a bit out of hand, like in Boston after the Patriots won Super Bowl 38.

But take it from these Broncos fans after Super Bowl 50 — it's always better to go with the flow!

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