Here's What St. Patrick's Day Looked Like In Ireland Amid The Coronavirus Outbreak

In a city celebrated as the epicenter of St. Patrick's Day, pubs and restaurants in Dublin were shuttered on the holiday in an effort to help mitigate the spread of the coronavirus.

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In Dublin, a city that sees an average of 500,000 visitors each year on St. Patrick's Day, festivities have been halted and pubs shuttered after the Republic of Ireland announced over the weekend a two-week lockdown amid the coronavirus outbreak. On Saturday, pubs were crowded with revelers who blatantly ignored the government's warning, which resulted in all restaurants and bars closing on Monday. Still, a handful of emerald-clad partygoers insisted in disobeying the order on St. Patrick's Day and continued to socialize in close proximity with others.

These pictures show what the streets of Dublin looked like on St. Patrick's Day during the coronavirus outbreak.

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