13 Psychic Animals Who Have Predicted The Next US President

Who needs polls when you have goats and turtles?

1. Boots the Goat: Hillary Clinton Wins!

SWNS / YouTube

This stylish 3-year-old Golden Guernsey from Jedburgh, Scotland, turned out to be a firm Clinton supporter after sharing his decision with the world on Nov. 7.

2. The Nova Southeastern University Sharks: Donald Trump Wins!


Nova Southeastern University tracked two sharks, one designated as a Trump supporter and the other for Hillary, as they swam the Atlantic waters from Sept. 26 through Nov. 4. Trump shark took the victory for the most distance covered at 652.44 miles, while Hillary shark topped off at 510.07 miles.

3. Cass the Cat: Dwayne Johnson Wins!


Cass the Cat is completely over this election. The only possible choice after US politics have effectively melted your brain? Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, that's who.

4. Political Parrot Pair: Hillary Clinton Wins!


Close to a month ago, these two birdies put their psychic energy together and concluded that Hillary Clinton will absolutely be our next US president.

5. Boo the Monkey: Donald Trump Wins!


Here, Boo the Monkey watches the debates to make a fair and well educated decision. Which is why it totally makes sense that the voting process included popping red and blue balloons.

6. Arkansas Pigs: Donald Trump Wins!


It's no secret that Arkansas is a red state, so it shouldn't be a surprise that the winner of this swine race at the Scott Pumpkin Patch in Scott went right to Donald Trump.

7. Mystic Mabel the Dog: Hillary Clinton Wins!


This adorable pooch has been called "the worst mystic in the world." Guess we'll find out if her luck has straightened out this evening!

8. Geda the Monkey: Donald Trump Wins!

Str / AFP / Getty Images

On Nov. 3, at a park in Changsha, China, a psychic monkey named Geda was asked to make a prediction on who would be the next US president. The winner: Donald Trump.

9. Chanakya III the Chennai Fish: Donald Trump Wins!


This Indian fish supposedly comes from a long line of psychic animals — its predecessor, Chanakya II, was able to accurately predict the Euro 2016 football competition. This time around, the fish chose Donald Trump seven times in a row, according to the Times of India.

10. Felix the Polar Bear: Donald Trump Wins!

Ilya Naymushin / Reuters

The Royev Ruchey zoo in Krasnoyarsk, Russia, had a bit of fun with their male polar bear Felix by allowing this gentle giant to share his presidential pick on Nov. 7.

11. Yunona the Amur Tiger: Hillary Clinton Wins!

Ilya Naymushin / Reuters

To be fair, the Royev Ruchey zoo also let their 4-year-old female Amur tiger in on the voting action too!

12. Cleveland Dogs: Donald Trump Wins!


Over the summer, cleveland.com made their way to the downtown Cleveland dog park with a bag full of treats and a couple of presidential chew toys. Seems full proof.

13. Upside Red-Eared Slider Turtles: Donald Trump Wins!


This one seems like the best way to predict the presidential winner — either way, we're all just poor creatures, stuck upside down in a Tupperware box of anxiety and confusion.

Animal kingdom prediction: Dwayne Johnson by a landslide!