Here Are Powerful Pictures Of The Protests Through The Eyes Of Black Photographers

"I want to make sure the stories of my fellow black brothers and sisters are accurately represented."

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As protests over anti-black racism and police brutality in the US sweep the nation following George Floyd's killing while in the custody of Minneapolis police, pictures capturing heated moments during demonstrations have flooded our televisions and social media feeds. With so many of these visuals competing for screentime, it can often be overwhelming to decipher truth from fiction, propaganda from sincerity, and to grasp the context behind a single captured frame.

This is why BuzzFeed News has brought together a collection of black photojournalists who are on the front lines of these protests, providing raw and unfiltered perspectives of these events as they unfold in real time.

One such photographer is New York native Anthony Geathers, who has been documenting the community he grew up in and offering personal insight into the reasons behind upheaval. "Bed-Stuy has roots in promoting black unity and denouncing a lot of the systemic racism that occurs in NYC," Geathers told BuzzFeed News.

Another photographer, Chris Facey, has been capturing live video of protests as they unfold on the streets of New York City. "I want to make sure the stories of my fellow black brothers and sisters are accurately represented," he told BuzzFeed News. "I want to do my part in making sure you see us as human beings."

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Alyssa Pointer in Atlanta

Chris Facey in New York City

Malike Sidibe in New York City

JD Barnes in New York City

Devin Allen in Baltimore

Michael Noble Jr. in New York City

Anthony Geathers in New York City

Demetrius Freeman in New York City


This post has been updated and several photographs were removed because the original list did not meet our editorial standards regarding photo permissions.

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