27 Powerful Moments Of Hope During The Protests Over George Floyd's Death

While images of violent clashes and looting so often dominate media coverage of the protests, quieter moments of peace, learning, and understanding can go overlooked.

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Since last week, when George Floyd was killed after a Minneapolis police officer pinned him to the ground in a knee chokehold, nationwide protests have erupted to demand action against the officers and condemn racial injustice in the US. In major cities across the country, demonstrators were met with more force from local and state police as scenes of looting, violence, and damage to property unfolded.

President Donald Trump has lashed out at the protests as the work of "anarchists and ANTIFA," without evidence, while mayors across the country have imposed strict curfews. Despite these scenes of violence, most protesters are marching peacefully while exercising their right to free speech.

These pictures capture the quiet moments of hope that can go overlooked in media coverage of protests.

Joseph Prezioso / Getty Images

Nurses stand outside a hospital to applaud protesters in Boston, May 31.

Leah Millis / Reuters

A man carries a child on his shoulders during a rally in St. Paul, Minnesota, May 31.

Chandan Khanna / Getty Images

A woman distributes free food, water, and other essentials to protesters in Minneapolis, May 30.

Nurphoto / Getty Images

A woman holds up a sign offering free masks to prevent the spread of the coronavirus in Cincinnati, May 31.

Erin Scott / Reuters

A protester distributes gloves and hand sanitizers to prevent the spread of the coronavirus in Washington, DC, May 31.

Scott Olson / Getty Images

A protester reads a Bible in front of a line of National Guard members in Minneapolis, May 29.

Matthew Hatcher / Getty Images

A rosary is left on the side mirror of a Detroit police vehicle, May 29.

Nurphoto / Getty Images

Members of George Floyd's family join a community memorial in Minneapolis, May 31.

Bebeto Matthews / AP

A woman places flowers at a memorial for George Floyd near the spot where he died while in police custody in Minneapolis, May 31.

Medianews Group / Getty Images

People pay their respects at the place where George Floyd died earlier in the week, May 30.

Kansas City Star / Getty Images

A woman and her children hold signs in Kansas City, May 31.

Bebeto Matthews / AP

Stephanie Crosby (center), from Beaumont, Texas, sits on her motorized chair during a rally for George Floyd at the Minnesota State Capitol, May 31.

Eric Miller / Reuters

Dancers from three Mexican Aztec performance groups attend a rally at the Minnesota State Capitol building in St. Paul, May 31.

Maddie Meyer / Getty Images

Two protesters embrace during a demonstration in Boston, May 30.

Ringo H.w. Chiu / AP

Mia Camacho, 4, holds a sign saying "I am here to help" as she and her mother, Amber, give support to volunteers in Los Angeles, May 31.

Chicago Tribune / Getty Images

Volunteers sweep up broken glass in downtown Chicago, May 31.

Elaine Thompson / AP

Kazaria Snipes, 7, (right) and her brother Kevon Avery (left) hold boxes of donuts they were giving away to volunteers cleaning up downtown Seattle, May 31.

John Minchillo / AP

Protesters march down Highway 94 as pedestrians cheer from the local streets in St. Paul, Minnesota, May 31.

Valerie Macon / Getty Images

A sign reading "We love you George" hangs after demonstrations in Los Angeles, May 31.

Nurphoto / Getty Images

Flower bouquets are arranged in a memorial in Minneapolis, May 31.

Callaghan O'hare / Reuters

People participate in a vigil in Houston, May 31.

Eric Thayer / Reuters

A protester holds a rose before marching to the White House, May 29.


After thoughtful consideration, 5 photos have been removed from this post and the introduction reworded to more accurately portray the nature of the protests and the police response to them.